Stokke x Bonpoint YOYO²

Stokke x Bonpoint YOYO²

Stokke® YOYO® meets Bonpoint for an iconic journey

Bonpoint’s playful iconique pattern makes its mark on YOYO® 

L'Iconique is part of Bonpoint’s permanent collection and is available in a range of pieces, from suitcases and water bottle holders to plushies.This has inspired YOYO Bonpoint Beige, which will become a permanent addition to YOYO® color range. Identical to the L’iconique print, it will be a soft beige in a very modern and neutral style with a refined pattern of small woven cherries. YOYO Bonpoint Beige color pack will be available in 0+ and 6+ versions. Alongside this dreamy new print, it comes with new features too on both versions. 6+ color pack will have an extended canopy, peek-a-boo window, ventilation window, and super soft cushion. 0+ Newborn pack will feature an extended canopy and ventilation window.

What is l'iconique print?

The iconic YOYO® stroller and Bonpoint, the French luxury childrenswear House, are thrilled to announce a collaborative project. This exciting partnership introduces a new print which exudes playfulness, charm, and delightful touch of nostalgia. The cherries are Bonpoint’s signature and evoke a dreamlike world, bringing to life the innocence of childhood and the joy of parenthood. The perfect mix of savoir-faire and modernity for young families around the world ... So is the iconic YOYO®!

Birth to toddler stroller pack

YOYO and Bonpoint collaboration brings new features such as an extended canopy, peek-a-boo window, ventilation window and soft cushion

Foldable to cabin baggage dimensions

The perfect collaboration for those parents who want to adventure in style: Fold your stroller up at home, hop on a bus, take a train or a plane...YOYO with its 0+ newborn pack or 6+ color pack fits just about anywhere. The stroller makes itself invisible in all circumstances and is easily stored

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