Stokke London Brand Store

An experienced team of professionals here to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

We draw on years of experience, as parents and product specialists, to give you the correct advice.

Our studio concept, whether in person or virtual, is there to guide you every step of the way.

Our service is what sets us apart.

With Parent Studio as your guide you are certain to make the correct firsts steps for your family.

Come visit us at the only Stokke Brand store in the UK. Located in Westfield London.

Stokke Partnership

Stokke Brand Store London managed by Planned Chaos Ltd t/a Parent Studio

Stokke AS is a Norwegian company that is recognized worldwide for best-in-class solutions for children.

Stokke® Brand Store London is the UK Flagship Store in Westfield London.

Parent Studio are a Husband and Wife duo that have been internationally involved with Stokke AS for the past decade. They have brought their Parent Studio concept to the shores of the UK.

Parent Studio officially partnered with Stokke® to form a unique business model that puts parents at the centre.

This amalgamated model leverages Stokke® Global Customer Service together with Parent Studio direct consumer experience.

A local solution with global support for all parents.

What's In A Name: Planned Chaos

Planned Chaos: The name invokes the feelings all parents experience during this most exciting time of planning for their child. It is often followed by a chuckle and a surreal glint in the eye.

Sandra would say she is the chaos and Michele is the planner. Others would disagree. What can’t be disputed is the depth of experience both bring on this exhilarating journey. By sharing their expertise they bring confidence and joy to new parents. 

The details are in the planning and the chaos is in the doing.

Concept: Parent Studio

Parent (verb): - To parent, I parent, we parent

A parent is not just a noun or name. A parent is what we do for our children. If you are the carer of a small child, no matter your relationship, you are their protector, mentor, care-giver – you are their parent.

Studio (noun): - A place where one plans and works towards that plan

As an artist requires and atelier or a professional an office, so too does a parent require a studio for their planning.

 A Parent Studio is place for all parents to find guidance in planning for the most eventful life stage of them all - the arrival of a new family member.


Parent Studio: Vision Realized

Planned Chaos Vision: To create an environment for all parents to plan for the next generation, the future of their family.

A Parent Studio.

Planned Chaos have come together with Stokke AS to offer this concept in-house at the Stokke Brand Store in London.

'Every Great Change is Preceded by Chaos' - Deepak Chopra

Collaboration with Stokke AS: How it Works

Unique Retail Experience

As partners, Stokke AS and Parent Studio have come together in the best interest of the parent. This has redefined the retail experience.

As a customer to the store you will be greeted and served by the owners and the team at Parent Studio. They are there to give first hand advice in a one-to-one setting. Using the full Stokke catalogue of products there is bound to be something that will fit your lifestyle.

By combining the best parts of a mono-brand store and an owner run business, this partnership will deliver the unique parent studio experience.

A personalised service, in a stunning setting, during the ever important planning stage.

Service And Support

Stokke AS will provide all training support, telephonic service queries, with the latest in products launches and first to market events to the store. The full force of this world-renown international brand will be brought to bear in the only UK location.


All products, purchased in store are shipped directly from Stokke AS to the client should they not take them from the store. Should any chaos ensue after the planning stage both Stokke AS and Parent Studio have full view of the shipment to ensure highest levels of service delivery to the clients door step.

As life is unpredictable you can feel confident that should something go wrong the team at Parent Studio is there to use the tools given to then by Stokke AS to rectify the issue.

We Thank you

While at first this might seem an unconventional model, the strengths of the relationship will be for the parents benefit.

We look forward to helping you plan in store for the chaos out in the real world.


Use of Social Media Channels

With so many channels please note it might be hard to deliver the same level of service if you message us. Please feel free to use any of our socials but please note our response time might not be as effecive as those detailed above.

Use of Multiple Channels Simultaneously

Where a client has used multiple channels simultaneously eg: emails both Parent Studio and, Stokke Customer Service Team will take the lead.

Should a Stokke Item be bought elsewhere

Parent Studio will do our best to assist you using Stokke AS international guidelines. We will at first instance refer you back to the original store of purchase. Should this not be possible or practical, Parent Studio will seek guidance from Stokke AS. We will do everything in our power to resolve your query but please know that this might not be right on the spot.

Oprah Winfrey

'Great communication begins with Connection'

Queries for Stokke AS

All General Enquiries and Online Purchases

Please fill in the form or use email provided at the bottom of Stokke Team GB form.

The GB Customer Service Team is an incredible unit with an exceptional turn-around time for customer queries. 

This incredible team has been setup to assist the UK consumer with all product related queries. Should you have a claim, delivery query or a service question this is your first point of call.

Contact Stokke

(Please note it is better to fill in the form so it is ticketed on the CRM system for your later follow-up and for Parent Studio to assist you if need be using a reference)

Queries for Parent Studio

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Telephone: 020 8749 9063

WhatsApp Business Text Line: 077 8351 6005

We will do our best to answer. Please note that we offer a personalised service so our priority will always be to the client in front of us.

We have a voice to email which will alert us to any messages. If possible please leave your telephone AND email so we can try contact you. A voice call will be made at first instance. Should we not get hold of you we will send an email to the transcribed voice note.

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