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BeSafe Rain Shield (BeSafe iZi Go / iZi Go Modular i-Size)
BeSafe Rain Shield £32.99
BeSafe Rain Shield keeps your baby protected in bad weather with water-proof materials, an easy-access opening and reflective piping. It is the perfect accessory when carrying the baby car seat or using it on a stroller as a travel system.
BeSafe Baby Mirror XL²
BeSafe Baby Mirror XL² with lights £26.99
Day-&-night mirror for contact with rear facing children the Baby Mirror XL², enables you to keep contact with your rear facing child both in daylight and in darkness. It features remote-controlled lights and many other practical and new functions.
BeSafe Transport Protection Bag BeSafe Transport Protection Bag
BeSafe Transport Protection Bag £104.99
Are you in need of transporting your car seat? BeSafe introduces the Transport Protection Bag, giving you the possibility for taking your car seat with you as luggage, no matter if it is by air or rail. The built-in bag protection makes sure that your seat will get to any destination with better BeSafe protection than ever, and with pull-along possibilities on wheels, getting to your final destination is a breeze. No matter where you are travelling, the easy transportation of the car seat now makes sure that your child will be as safe in a borrowed or rental car as in your own. The Transport Protection Bag is developed to fit all BeSafe car seats perfectly, and can also be used with most other child car seat brands in the market.
Belt Guard
BeSafe Belt Guard £12.99
 The BeSafe Belt Guard is a vital safety tool, as all toddlers can display a tendency to test the boundaries of their safety restraints. It provides optimal belt support to secure their toddler car seat, keeping them protected while on the move. The shoulder belts are held securely together, which helps to reduce the risk of a young one wiggling out of their car seat's harness, even if the parent has tightly fastened the straps.  
BeSafe Car Seat Protector
BeSafe Car Seat Protector £26.99
  The BeSafe Car Seat Protector is flexible and crash-tested, it protects your vehicle seats from dirt and crumbs - it can be used for child seats with or without ISOfix.
BeSafe Seat Covers BeSafe Seat Covers
BeSafe Seat Covers £47.99
BeSafe child car seat covers are made of high-quality bamboo jersey and cotton lining. This combination offers parents a very soft product, enables a better fit and a modern look. Thanks to installation tabs, fitting the product onto the seats is now even easier. Satin stitching helps parents find the position of the easy access magnets while extra fabric is added to cover the buckle.
BeSafe iZi Transfer BeSafe iZi Transfer
BeSafe iZi Transfer £36.99
The BeSafe iZi Transfer in Light Blue is a great transferring unit that enables you to smoothly bring baby from stroller to car seat easily. It is designed to adapt to and support the natural shape of your little one and makes transferring your baby without changing their sleeping position.     
Sleeping help Cushion
BeSafe Sleeping help Cushion £27.99
The crescent-shaped BeSafe Sleeping Help cushion makes it easier for children to rest their head to the side whilst sleeping in their car seat. It makes it more natural for their head to stay within the headrest of the seat without restricting the movement of the head in an accident. The fitting strap is easily clipped underneath the seat shell and can be adjusted in height for a better fit. The child can rotate the sleeping help to the most comfortable position for them and can flip it over the headrest when not using it.
Sunshade (set of 2)
BeSafe Sunshade (set of 2) £18.99
The BeSafe Sunshades come in a set of 2 and blocks out harmful UV rays with a sun protection of UPF 50+ whilst in the car. They do not require suction cups, simply attaching to your car’s windows with static. A large surface provides more shade without obscuring the driver’s view.
BeSafe Insect & Sun Shield (BeSafe iZi Go / iZi Go Modular i-Size)
BeSafe Insect & Sun Shield £32.99
When bringing your cutie-pie in their car seat,  you can rely on the BeSafe Insect & Sun Shield to keep buggy intruders away Refund Policy on orders under £70 - to be return to the Stokke Store London at Customer cost
BeSafe Baby Mirror
BeSafe Baby Mirror £16.99
A BeSafe Baby Mirror will give you more reassurance over how your child is feeling. See whether they are sleeping, relaxing or enjoying the outside scenery. Visual  communication with your most important passenger. Convex shape allows for viewing of both sides of back seat if positioned correctly. Non-Glass Reflective Mirror.
Tablet & Seat Cover
BeSafe Tablet & Seat Cover £57.99
The BeSafe Tablet + Seat Cover provides a safe way to entertain your little one when using tablets during journeys by being crash-tested in a severe test and featuring a smart Fidlock closing mechanism that keeps everything in place.
Rear Facing Kit
BeSafe Rear Facing Bundle £42.99
BeSafe Rear Facing Kit The BeSafe Rear Facing Kit is a package for you as a parent making your and your child’s car journeys even safer and smoother. BeSafe has bundled 4 useful accessories for worry-free rear facing travels, making it easy for you to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible. BeSafe Car Seat Protector an easy and flexible way of protecting your vehicle seats from dirt and crumbs, ISOfixcompatible. BeSafe Baby Mirror allows you to keep an eye on your rear facing child while driving. BeSafe Belt Guard holds the shoulder belts of the child car seat safely together, preventing your child from wriggling their way out of the belts. BeSafe Sunshades with UPF 50+, adhering to the car’s window with static force
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