Independent Test Agency (ADAC/Stiftung Warentest) - iZi Modular X1 i-Size is the safest 2-way seat at

Independent Test Agency (ADAC/Stiftung Warentest) - iZi Modular X1 i-Size is the safest 2-way seat at

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iZi Modular X1 i-Size is the safest 2-way seat at independent test by ADAC/Stiftung Warentest


BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size


The safest 2-way seat!

Independent consumer test appraises with rating “Good” / “Highly recommended”


Safety is always the most important factor when deciding on what kind of car seat to get. That is why you should always have a look at the newest independent results from the ADAC/Stiftung Warentest before making a qualified purchasing decision. In the test, the safety of a seat makes up for 50% of the total score, followed by handling (40%) and ergonomics (10%).


In the Autumn 2020 publication of the independent child car seat test iZi Modular X1 i-Size was tested alongside other child car seats. And the results are something to be proud of: a safety score of 1.7, a total rating of “Good” (2.0) by ADAC and “Highly recommended” by TCS! With this great performance, iZi Modular X1 i-Size exceeds the already good score of 2.4 by its predecessor that was tested in 2016.






This great result makes iZi Modular X1 i-Size the best performing 2-way seat (meaning can be used rear and forward facing) in 2020 – both in terms of safety and in the total score.


iZi Modular X1 i-Size is the updated version of its predecessor iZi Modular i-Size, hence the ‘X1’ in the name. Launched in early 2020, this upgrade features new shoulder pads – the Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ -, a new sliding construction to attach the SIP+, as well as BeSafe’s innovative side impact protection construction: the Dynamic Force Absorber™.


The safety score is even more impressive that it looks!


The “Good” (1.7) safety score of iZi Modular X1 i-Size is especially impressive when considering how ADAC/Stiftung Warentest publish the crash test results. The published safety score namely is not an average of all usage possibilities of a car seat, but shows the worst result only. This means that when a seat can be used both rear and forward facing like iZi Modular X1 i-Size, the published frontal impact score is the result of forward facing usage only. The rear facing result is not shown in the score at all.


This means that the published safety results gives the consumer a “guaranteed minimum performance” – and when using iZi Modular X1 i-Size rear facing, the safety of this seat is even greater! Therefore we strongly encourage all parents to keep their child rear facing for as long as possible, at least until the age of 4 (read about why rear facing is safer). iZi Modular X1 i-Size enables children to comfortably travel rear facing throughout its whole usage time with several recline position and adjustable leg space.


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