Stokke - Philosophy

Stokke - Philosophy

Stokke Philosophy

From their high, parent-facing strollers to their ergonomic and versatile line of seating, their designers are committed to creating products that help bring children closer to their parents. We do this for a very important reason; closeness; which is essential for your baby's healthy development and well-being.



Closeness fosters Empowerment & Development

Closeness promotes bonding and connection which helps your baby to feel safe and loved. It aids their development and learning by enabling interaction, stimulation and mirroring. Babies learn by watching your expressions and mimicking your face, movements and sound. These experiences help children to begin to understand themselves and the world around them. The sense of security that closeness give empowers children and helps build a healthy foundation for their future growth and later in life learning.


Woman holding a baby


Superior Comfort & Quality

Stokke's human centric approach to design ensures exceptional ergonomics and unparalleled comfort. Their core products evolve with your child and can be adjusted to their size. This means your child will be comfortable, even as they grow. Stokke insist upon using only the highest quality materials for safety and durability. Their products stand the test of time and have classic lines that won't go out of style. 


Baby smiling in the Stokke Sleepi bed

Stokke' Promise to You

Stokke will never compromise on doing what is best for your child. Safety, sustainability and supporting child development are always their top priorities. Stokke challenge conventional thinking and continually strive to make smart, stylish products that meet your family's needs and fit seamlessly into your home and your lifestyle.

Children having fun in the Stokke Sleepi bed Juniors


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